Lets study a business that is really competitive, real estate. Why would they need voice products?


Voice is the next search engine. People will use voice devices to discover, to learn, to be entertained and to feel smarter. Eventually we will move from smart speakers to personal voice assistants.

The Voice Strategy is about existing in this new space while everyone else is years behind.

When someone asks Alexa to recommend a real estate agent, it would be helpful if you were the recommended option.

When someone wants to learn about the local buying or selling market, it would be amazing if your skill was what they used.

If people wanted to understand the real estate process better, your real estate voice skill would be very cool.

All of this, combined with acting more like the GQ for real estate, acting more like a media company than a real estate agency by producing lots of content on the industry and not just your agency, will get more attention and commission than you will believe.


How do you get their attention? Content. Lots of content and it has to go on the Socials where people are spending their attention, like Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is huge for this type of business right now and they should be putting out 10 pieces of content per day. Anyone can get an Instagram profile and just post up photos of cool houses, its competitive, so being smart and ahead is lucrative.

I’d build a voice skill that acts like a real estate helper for the people who want it at home in your area. Got a question about buying or selling? Ask the helper on Alexa. Your own helper on Alexa. It could also help take people along the process before they actually contact you. That could lead to better leads and less basic questions that you’ve answered a million times before. I’d create lots and lots of content that answers questions on the real estate market in your area and when its a natural fit, id talk about your agency.

It would also be intelligent to create a voice flash briefing and create content that people can listen to every morning about their local market. Think of it like “did you know”, “how to”, “something new”, “have you heard about” “you should try”, “a new property is for sale”. Create new content once a week or daily.


I’d run Instagram Story Ads against home owners in your area.

I’d create a few 7 second videos for a YouTube pre roll ad against people who type specific searches into Google for your market.

Then I’d find Instagram influencer accounts with a strong local following and ask them how much it would cost to create a post to promote your agency or a home you are selling for someone.

Then we study what happens and kick on from there. We refine the whole process until we master your market and then innovate even more.