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Home List

Everyone knows what it’s like when Mum asks Dad to do something. Dad was doing something when he was asked, forgets and World War 3 begins when the job wasn’t done. We made Home List to help with this.

Just say “Alexa, open Home List” to get started. Try “Add Trash” or “Add Call Mum”. Alexa will add it to a list for you. When the item needs deleted just open the skill and say “Remove Trash”. It’s so easy. It gets better though. As soon as you remove an item, the skill creates a Done List, so everyone knows whats been done.

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Easy Spanish

Learning Spanish is not easy, but this course is really clever because we teach it in categories of cognates. Cognates are words that are similar in Spanish and English because they started in the Latin language.

For example. The English words “normal” & “responsible” are the same in Spanish with a little pronunciation change.

We also add in some extra words to help you glue other it all together and get useful sentences. It’s easy to listen to and just play along at any pace you like. No pressure.

Alexa Skill Promo Template - Spanish Numbers.png

Spanish Numbers

This is a cool little skill. When we hear uno, dos, tres, everything is cool but when the numbers go higher, its easy to lose track.

We made it like this to make it easier to learn:

One - Uno.

Two - Dos.

Three - Tres.


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